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Cllr Phil Harris

Phil's responsibilities in the Council changed from Environment, Leisure & Sport in May, 2010.
He now acts as Executive Board member for Neighbourhood, Leisure & Sport. Llisted below are the areas he now covers. Click those words underlined and in blue for more information.

Direct service areas;

  • Leisure - All Halton's council owned leisure centres. for more information.
  • Splash Programme - A successful funding scheme for activities for young people.

      • Sport -  This covers sports development & sports services by the Council.

        •   This includes  the Council's Sports Strategy & facilities.

            Stobart Stadium Halton- This covers the running of Halton's flagship sports & leisure
            facility. for information on the Stadium.

          • The Brindley - This covers the running of Halton's flagship Arts venue, For information

            •   on the Brindley
              • Libraries & Culture - Responsibility for all Halton's library services and Cultural

                •   Strategy. for a link about Halton's libraries.
                  • Community Centres - This covers the running of Halton's Community Centres.

                    •   For information on Halton's community centres
                      • Community Development. - This covers the council's community development activities. For some information on the Council's community development Service

                          • Locality Working - The council is committed to improving services delivered at a local

                            •   level. This includes responsibility for Area Forums across Runcorn and Widnes.


The Brindley Arts Centre.


The Stobart Stadium Halton.


Halton Lea Library.


Kingsway Learning Centre

Phil's corporate responsibilities (across the council) include the following;

  • Regional sports & arts issues.
  • Locality co-ordination.
  • Budget working party