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In the Hough Green Ward.

Phil is an advocate for the Hough Green ward as a ward councillor, along with two other Labour Party ward councillors, Cllr Kevan Wainwright & Cllr Paul Nolan. This can include taking up constituents concerns or general ward issues.

A current example of this ward representation is the multi-use games area. (MUGA) for older youths and a play area for young children on the newer Upton Green.. Funding was secured from the Playbuilder programme (a Labour Govt policy) and other sources.

Another example is the ongoing development of Arley Woods as part of the Mersey Forrest. Thousands of trees, bulbs and other plantings have been planned and delivered to enhance the green space across the ward and particularly in the south and east of the ward. The rebuilding of All Saints School was pushedfor by all three ward councillors and funded under the previous Labour Government.

The transfer of the former council housing to a new housing association has resulted in millions of pounds worth of investment.

The 30 MPH speed limit on Hough Green road followed lobbying by ward councillors, as have most of the alley gating schemes, so to did the 20MPH limit recently introduced in the ward. Alleygating across both private and current social housing estates have been funded by the Council's local Area Forum..

Your local councillors hold a ward surgery each month in the area (except during August & December) and can also be contacted by phone, post or email. These means of contact are the way most local people bring issues or problems to the attention of the councillors.

Hough Green councillors also make a point of conducting walkabouts around the ward in addition to the police running a surgery at the same time as the councillors, when they can.

In and beyond the Council.

Phil also has a council-wide role in decision-making for the rest of the borough. This may be by participating in meetings that make decisions that impact on other areas of Runcorn or Widnes. At other times it may be that councillors views are sought during the course of the year about some proposed changes to services or aspects of the council's structure or by an external organisation.

Phil serves on the Councl's Executive Board. The Executive Board is the council's main decision making body.

As a Council spokesperson, Phil may have to comment on matters within the local, regional or national media, for the areas he is responsible for and which are highlighted on the following page. (What Phil does in the council 2 of 2)

The overall roles, rights and duties of all councillors are set out in the Council Constitution. The constitution is a requirement of all council's and is required by central government.

In addition to being a member of the Council's Executive Board,  Phil is also a member of the following;

  • Area Forum  - Broadheath, Ditton, Hale & Hough Green. (local residents forum)
  • Full Council.
  • Budget review working party. (considers annual budget savings)
    • Phil's Council appoinments to outside bodies are listed below.

      • Cheshire Fire Authority (as of June 2012) He is now Chair of its Scruitiny Committee

        • since June 2015, which is called the Performance & Overview Committee.

          Phil's other outside bodies include;

          • A Governor of Ormiston Chadwick Academy (formerly The Bankfield School)

            • Phil's role as a Community Governor was made by the Ormiston Trust not the

              In addition to these formal appointments, Phil may attend other meetings that relate to his responsibilities; such as a sports forum; like the Widnes Football Forum.

              Phil has also provided advice to the regional Scouting movement on an unpaid basis.

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Cllr Phil Harris