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Information Web Links for young people.

The purpose of this web page is to provide some links to websites which provide information, advice or views on issues affecting young people.

The sites below include; advice on voting; democratic organisations that represent young people; government advice on issues affecting young people, etc. Many of these sites may already be known to some young people. For anyone looking for party political sites or strictly public political sites, see page 2 of my web links.

A UK charity that promotes and supports services for young people.

Click link above for email link to Halton Borough Council's spokesperson on the youth service.

Do you need to contact Halton's Youth MP ? Then click above.

Independent website by Electoral Commission aimed at increasing
voter awareness & participation.

UK Parliament site for schools.

Click link above for email link to Halton Borough Council's spokesperson on children services & education.

Are you a young person looking for advice and information ? Then click the link above and see if it helps.

A coalition campaigning for 16 & 17 year olds to have the right to vote.

UK Government advice site for young people & others.

Electoral Commission webpage for how to register to vote.

An independent website that provides info for anyone in England who is interested in becoming a councillor.

Independent Electoral Commission website for info on elections and referendums.

This links to a govt website that explains govt policy towards children & young people, who are aged up 19.

Click above for a link to a local website for teenagers.

Google's 2010 SchooL Elections factsheets which provide basic info on elections.