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Ever wanted to contact the National Labour Party ? Then click above.

The Labour Party's office in the North West of England.

Interested in American politics ?
Take a look at this party's website.

Independent online opinion polling organisation. Take part in surveys and earn money.

For independent survey and polling reports click above.

The blog of the Trades Union Congress (TUC)

Link to the official website of the UK Parliament.

Political Websites

Interested in youth issues ?
Then click the link above for Young Labour.

Interested in politics as a student ? Then click above.

Interested in American youth politics ? Then check out the Young Democrats website.

A website that supports the links between trades unions and the Labour Party..

A website with evidence of what the Tories are already up to elsewhere in the UK.

Labour Party news from around the country

A Labour Party pressure group.

The UK Prime Minister's website.

Organising website for the new US President.

Website of the European Parliamentary Labour Party.

The website & blog of a writer and communications expert.

A voluntary lobby group for fairer taxes..