Cllr Phil Harris Hough Green Ward Halton Borough Council

Labour & Sport.

More fan power for the people's game.

Football is all about the fans who go through the turnstilles week after week. Football clubs are built on generations of support. Fans bring atmosphere, loyalty and pride. Players come and go, managers move on, owners buy and sell. But the fans are always there.


Fans buy the shirts & tickets.

Fans travel all round the country and get behind their team. They are the reason football exists and the reason for its growth and success.

For all that they put in, Labour believes fans deserve a voice and more rights. Football is not purely a business;
it is also our national game.

Our clubs are also community assets that deserve the highest standards of financial governance. To keep football the people's game, fans voices need to be heard.

Labour's pledges for a better deal for fans.

Labour will change the way football is governed so that new owners face tougher tests to prove they are fit to run clubs.

Labour will give Registered Supporters' Trusts more opportunities to buy shares in their clubs.

Labour will improve supporter democracy so that fans have more of a say in the running of their clubs.

Three examples of how your Labour-led Halton council has helped local sport in the last decade.

Granting rate relief for sports clubs - most of them by 100%.
This has helped many sports clubs to adjust to declining income and to reinvest in their club, which is often a valuable community hub. It is now nearly 10 years since rate relief was introduced for clubs such as; Widnes RUFC; Moorfield Sports & Social & Halton Borough Recreation Club to name a few.

Cut pitch fees for junior competitive sport.
This has meant clubs fundraising can be focussed on strengthening their teams instead of worrying about pitch fees. This helping a new generation of players to come forward in football; rugby or other pitch based sport. This was set at 100% until 2013 when cuts reduced the level. By 2014 it was pegged at half price.

Introduced sports development grants - to help local clubs & individual athletes.
This has helped thousands of sportsmen & women in a wide range of sports, through grants to teams or to individual athletes. This scheme was introduced in Halton over 10 years ago.

These are just three examples - there are many more ways local sport is helped.

Some others include; creating The Halton Sports Partnership; annual sports awards; bringing back the Widnes Challenge Cup (for local open age football) & massive investments in sports
facilities across Widnes & Runcorn. The latest major investment is the Frank Myler Sports & Recreation Ground in Widnes. (Formerly the Widnes Rec or ICI Rec to local people ).