Cllr Phil Harris Hough Green Ward Halton Borough Council

Local Election Results - updated after 2015 Elections.

Phil Harris re-elected for Hough Green Ward.

Tories and Lib Dem's take a beating across Halton - Widnes Coalition-free.

Voters across Widnes & Runcorn gave their verdict on the Tories & Lib Dem's
in the Local Elections. Not a single Tory elected & the Lib Dem's narrowly surviving by 28 votes from a strong challenge by Labour in the Heath ward
in Runcorn. (Update - In the 2015 Elections, the first Heath seat fell to Labour)

Nationally, the Lib Dem's opted to support the Tories in government.

They have paid the price again with voters sacking them across the North West in 2014 & 2015

The meltdown by the Tories has continued in Widnes - where they didn't even field candidates in some wards in Widnes.

Phil Harris re-elected until 2018.

Results for Hough Green.   Turnout - 29.89 %

Phil Harris (Labour) 1,135 ( 79.26 %)

The Tory candidate 297 ( 20.74 %)

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Lib Dem

Above is the political composition of Halton Borough Council following the May 2015 elections.

Two Lib Dem's remain in the Heath ward in Runcorn.

Two Conservative's remain in the Daresbury ward in Runcorn.

Widnes is now Free of any Tories or Lib Dems - with voters having also rejected UKIP & TUSC.

Halton Parliamentary Election Results 2015

•BATE Ryan Stephen Robert - Liberal Democrats = 1,097 (votes)
•LLOYD Matthew Dominic - Conservative Party = 8,007 (votes)
•MELVIN David Robert - Green Party = 1,017 (votes)
•REDICAN Glyn - UK Independence Party (UKIP) = 6,333 (votes)
•TURTON Vic - Independent = 277 (votes)
•TWIGG Derek - Labour Party = 28,292 (votes)

Turnout = 62%